Compute Studio 0.13.0 and 0.14.0

This week was a busy one for Compute Studio (formerly known as COMP). First, release 0.13.0 resolves a long standing bug that occurred when logged-out users tried to submit a simulation. These users were sent to a new page to either login or signup, and their inputs were erased. Now, users may log in or sign up from a dialog box and then submit their simulation without losing any inputs.

Second, COMP was renamed to Compute Studio in release 0.14.0. Compute Studio can now be found at a slick new domain: Compute.Studio. Seriously, how is this domain still available?! This move gives the project a more apt name and a short, memorable domain. Further, as part of the rebranding effort, Matt Jensen designed a fun, new logo for the project:

Thanks to Matt Jensen and Peter Metz for your contributions to 0.13.0 and 0.14.0!

Coming in Compute Studio 0.15.0

Compute Studio’s inputs page has gotten a lot of attention’s time for the outputs page to catch up. In the next release, we intend to deliver a slimmed down outputs page that loads quickly and gives the user the option to open interactive charts within a pop-up window.